Queen of Homra

Give a small package, with a little red bow to Totsuka.
"… Happy birthday"


A little message for you

{H-Hello! °///°
I don’t know if you remember me or else… I just want say that I wish you a happy new year! And… well… *blush*
Sorry, I’m not good to this kind of things.
I just hope the coming year will be for all of you a year full of happines!

B-bye bye! }

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{Hello my dears! *^* How are you? I'm turning into an ice cube! @_@ Today was reaaaaly cold here!}

Anonimo asked:


"…. AH?!"

hailtheblueking-inactive asked:
"Why yes, I am as drunk as you think I am."


"I can see it too well.  At least, you are quite funny when you’re drunk!" She couldn’t but laugh.

cameraofhomra-deactivated201403 asked:
"I need a hug."


"…" She wasn’t used to that but it was always embarrassing. She hugged him and like always he was able to give her a strange feel of quiete and peace.

weakest-flame asked:
"Have you ever even done this before?"


"What do you mean with that this?”